5 Most Common Roofing Problem Areas

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A lot of people tend to neglect their roofs regardless if they either have the highest or the lowest quality of roof installed, letting them deteriorate over time. When left alone, they will eventually show signs of rotting that would cause problems in someone’s home in the long run.

People living in the same house for years without ever tending to its roof would likely encounter some form of roofing problem, including cracked pipe boots, damages eaves, leaking roof flashes, bulging shingles in the valleys, and leaking ridge vents.

Most pipe boots don’t have a long service life as their rubber components eventually degrade and crack, leading to unwanted leaks. Pipe boots don’t usually last for a decade, and if yours is already a decade old, then it might be time to replace it.

A roof’s eaves are susceptible to leaks when the water is already flowing either behind the fascia or through the first shingle. Should homeowners be worried about receiving any water damages, then they should check their eaves for any indications of damages.

Although flashings are meant to make your roof’s vertical surfaces watertight, you might still find trouble with it. Your house might still suffer from leaking issues due to improperly installed flashings, so you’ll have to be on the lookout for any misshapen flashings so you can have them fixed right away.

Your roof’s valleys are the weakest parts of your roofing since a significant amount of water flows through them every time it rains, and constant contact to water would weaken the roof. The problems tend to manifest when there are bulges, dips, and cracks in the shingles. You’d likely need a reputable brick roofer to tend to your roof valleys if they ever end up getting damaged.

If your ridge vent is made of metal, then you should expect that you’ll likely receive leaking issues at some point in time. You’ll need to know when it’s finally time to replace your vents. You should also check on your ridge vent’s bottom part to see if the wood below is either wet or stained.

If you’ll ever need the services of a Toms River roofer to check and repair your roofing or if you only need further information, then check out this infographic by All County Exteriors.

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