5 Most Common Misconceptions about Qi Car Charger

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The Qi car charger is the standardized form of wireless charger around the world. Whether you are planning to buy a new wireless charger or already having it in your car, most probably you heard many rumors on this subject. And it made you doubt and forces you to take a step away from the wireless technology.

Myths and misconceptions about Qi charger are very common in an individual’s mind. So with this post, we are trying to clear out some nebulous questions rolling in the market.

Misconception #1 Wireless charging can damage the device

Unfortunately, heating can damage phone battery but not if you use a Qi charging pad adequately. Modern charger generates less heat as compared to older charging pads. Heating effect can influence both device and battery but it is feasible only when you use an extremely low-quality product or fake charger who claims of originality but actually not. So, there is no guarantee that a duplicate charger will work properly or not.

The standardized charger never damages the device and battery, it just a misconception.

Misconception #2 Wireless charger is not supporting all mobile phones

Wireless charging is introduced to make an individual’s life more convenient by replacing a wired charger. It’s just your misconception that it doesn’t support all mobile devices. Android and iPhones can flexibly use this charger to give a green signal to their phone battery. Sources say more than 80% of newly launched phones are supported by Qi charger.

Misconception #3 Wireless charging is unsafe

Wireless charging is adequately following rules and regulations and one trustworthy feature is it automatically turns off when the battery is fully charged. It is completely safe to use. Before its arrival, it went through various lab testing which signifies it is safe for users.

Misconception #4 Wireless charging is slow

Reality speaks itself and the same concept is considered with wireless charging. It is quick and easy as compared to wired charging. It consumes minimum time to charge the battery but for this, you need to place the phone properly over the charging pad. With appropriate steps, you will get fully charged battery.

Misconception #5 Wireless charging can harm people through radiations

It’s true that exposure to electromagnetic radiation can be damaging to the human body. The Qi standardized concept is working so well that it will not hurt your body in any way. The EM is generated only when a device is in working mode but it is so negligible that it won’t harm your body. If you used Qi properly, it will not create any threat for you but makes the device and phone in contact with each other.

In the nutshell, wireless charging is designed to stay here and will get maximum popularity as consumers start to purchase it. Try to visit FIORA for a quality product.


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