5 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Serviced Office

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In most instances, freelance and small business owners begin their business from their own places like homes or apartments. Although work from home is a good and cheap decision, it won’t help you to prolong your business successfully. Buying and leasing office space is out of the budget, especially for beginners. What comes next? Serviced office space. It’s a growing trend these days.

Serviced office in KL fills up the gap between work from home and high leased office. The right environment maximizes productivity, so it’s important to get rid of boring traditional offices and enhance your per capita income with a way you want it to be.

These ongoing serviced spaces supply many amenities to their tenants. However, there is a need to modify serviced office in many ways, let’s discuss a few of them.

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1. High-Speed Internet:- 
Undoubtedly, serviced office brings new culture in business, still, some perks need renovation and high-speed internet connection is one of them. It is always a smart move to expect what is unexpected at the place. With the passage of time, more users are adopting serviced office space to pursue their profession and more hands-on work means more internet consumption. As the data usage increases, speed gets slower and it delays your work. Switch to better internet connectivity that is a basic need of serviced offices.

2. Music Rooms:-
Work! Work! And Just Work! Hectic schedule. Whether you’re working at a serviced office still need some source of entertainment. At serviced office space, you can leave anytime but this doesn’t mean for every 15 to 30 minutes break, you leave for home or market. Introduction of the music room at serviced office space is a good decision to make. During your boring project, you can take a break and enjoy the music. It’ll infuse activeness in your body to get back to your work and start with the same spirit.

3. Dedicated Meeting Room:-
Meeting with your co-workers can be adjustable in any room but a problem arises when you have to share some words with your client. In these situations, you can’t afford to sit anywhere because it doesn’t look professional and moreover, it puts a bad impression. Meeting room in KL is available at a minimum cost under the serviced space but it should be separated where you can openly communicate with the dealer.

4. Classy Interior Design:-
Working in an independent atmosphere brings up new enjoyment and when you get an elegant interior design in the serviced office definitely you’ll find another world around you. Chill out at the place which makes you smile whether you’re going through pathetic time.

5. Clerical Support:-
If serviced office culture is growing up day by day then its a responsibility of building owner to offer clerical support to staff. When you want a cup of coffee, table ready for presentation and greet your clients, clerical services save your precious time.

For all these unconditional services, you need to research great. In case, you don’t get, it’s not the end of the world. Serviced office space has to spread their wings to grab more resources under it. And at minimum lease, you’ll get plenty of services from Colony, where work meets sophistication.


A colony is Malaysia's luxury coworking space and serviced office borne out of a desire to do more and do better.
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