5 To-Dos For Sharp & Slick Blog Content Marketing Strategy

Blog content marketing has been buzzing the contours of digital market for years. However, how well you’re doing it depends on lot many factors.  Writing and publishing blogs without any rhyme and reason do not make up for a concrete work plan.

Blogging Tips

You need to have thorough understanding of whats and hows before drafting a blog for any company. After all, it brings considerable lead generation and in extension business. Do you know B2B marketers have succeeded in getting 67% more leads due to blogs than those who do not? All this just to get more traffic and get best lead conversion.

This goes on to favour that blogs are an integral part of content marketing strategy of any business. All you need to do is write relevant and engaging content to attract high quality leads. The more you nurture the relation with leads, the more sustainable the profit generation is.

For that you need to formulate a well crafted content marketing strategy. That decides all the nuts and bolts needed to get lead generation machine churning for your business.

In this blog, the focus is on five such tips that can help you strengthen your blog content marketing strategy to attract and amplify lead generation.

  • Shape Content Around Buyer Persona

Can you sell fish to a vegetarian? No. Well, this is the premise that you can never ignore, in the first place. Create a clear cut buyer persona to determine the exact profile of an ideal customer.  It is important for it defines the compelling needs and wants of your customers.

Shape Content Around Buyer Persona

So, first decide the type of customer you want to target. For instance, Apple  iPod, the iPhone, the iPad etc are premium products. They have introduced some revolutionary changes in the market. So the content is drafted keeping that high standard in consideration.  Such is the impact of their content marketing strategy across social media that fans queue up for hours before their stores to get a single look of the new offering!

So planning beforehand is the real deal here to ensure that the right customers are hooked and drawn to the stores for making sale.

  • Targeted Goal

You can’t be running around in multiple direction without any coherence.  Set realistic goals to make rational investment and hence drawn the right pool of prospective customers for your company. For instance, out of 100 calls, you need to have at least 25% leads. Do all the calculations beforehand to get a clear action plan so that you get the actual results.

  • Intelligent Use of Existing Content

Every piece of content written gets old and eventually old as the time goes by. Even though, every professional blogger recommend evergreen content which stands useful for all the customers. But that isn’t practical in all cases. Right?

Intelligent Use of Existing Content

Of all, technologies continue to change. So you can’t just afford to stay with the same pattern. Experiment with your style and add more useful content for the ardent readers or followers.

Better would be to make a schedule to ensure that blog content is reviewed and updated to keep the momentum going.

All you can do is keep it updated in order to keep the interest of the customers on. You can optimize them or add latest information to keep the regular visitors engaged and open the gateway for lead generation, sooner or later.

Just a quick peep into the impact of repurposed content. As per AHREF, regular updation of their ols blogs got them a whopping hike of 468% in pageviews. Isn’t that amazing?

Put your thinking cap on and strategize the way you’re going to publish the blog content. Post the content on different platforms such as slideshare, linkedin etc. It opens your content to a wide variety of digital audience to explore and make sale for business growth.

  • Determine Estimated ROI

Content marketing is shaped to give boost to the return on investment (ROI). However, most bloggers fail to decipher it. While offline marketing leaves plenty of scope for speculation, digital marketers can make right assessment to map the return on investment (ROI) for any given campaign.

Put in all your efforts to employ the best metrics to calculate an estimated value of ROI.  the metrics include the traffic, page views, click through rate etc.

Look at the drop in traffic of a blog which was not updated for months. Hold the interest of your readers with timely  updation.

Determine Estimated ROI

  • Remold Content

A comprehensive content strategy includes many different types. For instance, you can create videos, podcasts, ebooks, presentation and more.  All this require lot of perseverance since the content would have to be shaped for distinct purpose.

Remold Content

For instance, you can target tenagers with snapchat content,  but ebooks for mature readers so on so forth. Focus on the minute details to ensure that you channelize the content to the right audience.  Even if you go for standard blog posts, do not go for mundane topics. Keep it very niche so that you can touch the core interest of the readers.

Instead of exerting efforts to do it all. Play smart and draft content that is more relevant to your targeted audience across different digital platforms to get the best results.

In the nutshell, stay updated of all the changes happening across the spectrum of digital marketing industry. Make patient and ingenious use of your best resources to streamline your blog content strategy to achieve the intended business goals.

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