The 4 Main Types of Clouds Available in the Market

The 4 Main Types of Clouds Available in the Market

Cloud computing is still going strong and it is estimated to be an industry worth trillions of dollars by the year 2020. This is because businesses all over the world are waking up to the revelation that cloud services are nothing short of fantastic. They are continually discovering the many benefits that they can earn from these services. The first thing that you are often likely to do when you decide to get into cloud services is to select the type of cloud to work with. Cloud Cone has been at the forefront in provision of exceptionally good cloud services to clients across the globe.

Choose the type you want

When it comes to cloud hosting servicesthere are few companies that can match up to the amazing packages that are offered by Cloud Cone. You have the opportunity to select from a myriad of cloud solutions. You simply need to select the option you want to work with and they will manage it for you:

Public clouds

If you go for a public cloud you will be sharing the space with other tenants. The best thing about public clouds is that they are scalable on an as-you-grow- basis. You only get the space that you need for your business at the time. This is the most cost efficient option to work with.

Private clouds

These single tenant dedicated servers are ideal for businesses that deal with extremely sensitive content or those that have extremely high standards for security. With a managed dedicated server your business will enjoy good security features, customizability and most of all agility. Agile businesses are the only ones that would survive the terrors of the volatile business environment. Your IT structures should be able to enable this agility.

Hybrid clouds

This is ideal option that many business would like to implement within their structures. Hybrid clouds bring the merits of public clouds and private clouds together into one package. You can also incorporate your traditionally, managed dedicated server in them. Hybrid clouds are very flexible and are excellent for businesses that need the perfect combination of performance and security.

Multi clouds

This is a strategy that many businesses are employing for the purposes of guaranteeing the digital transformation. With multi-cloud systems in place you will need experts in cloud management to support you through all stages of your journey from the scoping and planning to migrating, optimizing and securing. This is where Cloud Cone comes into the equation.

Save money with cloud services

Perhaps the biggest benefit of cloud services is that they allow you to save money by procuring only what you need for your business. The first step to selection of the cloud systems is to consult the experts to figure out which option is going to work best for your business. The second step is then to procure the system that you agree upon. If you are struggling to get a system that fits your bill and that is within your budget do not hesitate to get in touch with Cloud Cone.


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