4 important things to consider when building your custom kitchen

You are currently viewing 4 important things to consider when building your custom kitchen

Building custom homes can be overwhelming, especially when you start making room layouts. The luxury kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. Having a functional design is essential to enjoy your luxury custom home and keep your life and family running easy. Here are some ideas to keep in your brain when planning your kitchen with a professional custom home builder.

1. Move sink and dishwasher closer together

To prevent food, grease, soap and water from falling on the floor, place your dishwasher within an arm’s length of your counter. Then, when your dishes rinse, you can easily place them in the dishwasher. Travelling through the kitchen with dirty dishes becomes a hassle that will quickly ruin your day.

2. Place the trash can where it is easily accessible

Each station in the kitchen uses the trash can but is usually used for the entire house. Therefore, place the trash can in a location that is easily accessible to important areas in the kitchen (sink, prep station, stove, refrigerator) and the rest of the house. For example, the island at the entrance to the kitchen is a good location, and you may also want to consider placing a compost bin closer to the food prep areas.

3. The placement of sockets must be logical

Have you ever had a kitchen with just a few outlets? Trying to cook can turn into a headache. When designing your kitchen, consider the placement and number of sockets. If you have some small appliances, consider planning a dedicated cabinet with outlets. Sockets are also becoming incredibly popular among cabinets. They provide a seamless backsplash and are hidden from view.

4. Leave enough space between the counters

A cramped kitchen is not only claustrophobic, but it is also challenging to work in. Custom home builders Austin recommend leaving a minimum of one meter between countertops. This gives you enough space to comfortably open drawers and cabinets. If possible, aim for 4 feet so you can walk around an open dishwasher or stove without worrying about pumping into it.

You can opt for complete kitchens in Austin or possibly have a kitchen made by a furniture maker. Contact Zbranek And Holt Custom Homes builder or yourself to be inspired a lot and ultimately know what you want before choosing.

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