3 optimal applications of digital marketing in Market Research

3 optimal applications of digital marketing in Market Research

Digital marketing is a continuous puzzle that marketers are always trying to solve. Keeping updated with latest trends, figuring out the latest apps and social platforms as well as keeping up with their developments can be time taking. By applying new techniques and strategies, here are few tips for using digital marketing in market research.

  • General best practices

As we are talking about marketers and market research report conductors, understanding their audience is where they excel at, therefore they can see right through a generic message. So, keep the following things in mind –

  1. Segment your audience– Be it an email, social media, display ads- most marketing channels allow you some kind of audience segmentation.
  2. Customize your message – Be specific to a certain audience while messaging.
  3. Be transparent about brand awareness– Consider if this is a brand-new audience or one that is regular or knows about your business. This will indicate the depth you should go with your messaging.

Keep in mind to test your messaging, learn from it. Be it keywords, benefit statements – try diverse approaches and see what sticks.

Set an aim going into the tests – What do you want to learn? What do you want to test? How do you measure success?

  1. Begin with split tests – Test diverse messages about the same topic with the same audience to see which message is agreed upon the most.
  2. Test across diverse channels– People involved in a different way with different channels, so test a variety of assets, calls to action, and communication within each channel. Then, use the outcomes to update more content conception pertinent to that channel.

According to industry analysis, most of these best practices hold truth for diverse digital marketing channels, but adjusting them to suit each channel is the key to success. Here are some key examples how these tips can be applied to a particular channel/ tactics.

Optimal practices for marketing channel/ tactic

  • Re marketing
  1. Divide your audience on their behavior online – Whether it is an event, URL, no. of pages visited- take note of their actions and create a creative that complements their behavior.
  2. Arrange conversion tracking to omit those who have already been converted– conversion tracking permits you to upload the list of people who have already done the task you called them for – like subscribe or purchased your service etc. to make sure you are not spending resources on an individual for the same action twice.
  • Display/ Search Ads
  1. Leverage keywords to the right audience – Narrow down the list of keywords to choose those that are relevant to your business and use those that truly reflect buyers’ intent.
  • Social advertising
  1. a. A segment on social media – social media platforms knows a lot about people. You can use this to your benefit and target the addressees your message will appeal the most to. Find out who is the most engaged in your content and then use those learning for content positioning outside the social media.
  2. Personalized message – We visit diverse social channels for different reasons, so we suppose the content on diverse channels to be dissimilar as well. Control a disorderly social feed with attractive copy that is upfront, pertinent and apt for that channel.


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