3 Content Marketing Mistakes Every B2B Company Must Avoid

3 Content Marketing Mistakes Every B2B Company Must Avoid

Marketing needs us to play the long game. With no doubt, it is an excellent way to generate leads and eventually sales. When you implement a content marketing strategy for your brand, a primary objective is to engage prospective customers. It would help if you utilized your B2B content marketing to strengthen your brand as an expert resource and as a leader in its field. The content for B2B marketing should do more than just create brand identity and display brand personality. It has to get real, measurable results.

Apart from this, just a handful of marketers can hit a home run each time they step up to bat. It is apparent that we all have our share of flops. However, failures can be learning experiences, and a mistake or misstep can provide valuable insight into what to avoid in the future.

The following are three biggest pitfalls observed in the B2B space:

1) Overpublishing:

One of the biggest questions that always hits in the mind of content marketers is how much material they must publish on a regular basis. A number of organizations will quickly jump to publishing content at a high volume, hoping to capture their audience’s fleeting attention spans.

Mainly, if your company offers content writing services to a complex business problem, you are likely reaching a sophisticated audience. It’s vital to invest in creating content, which addresses your target audience/s. Create such content that is functional and fits into multiple marketing contexts. Avoid the “over-publish” trap, where your reader-to-content-published ratio is low.

2) Immoderate Self-promotion:

Content Marketers are under pressure to influence business metrics across the conversion funnel, either its social media shares, marketing qualified leads or page views. As a result, it is so easy and simple for them to fall into the trap of building every piece of content that they publish about their products. Do not fall into this trap.

Think about it: When you are at work, the last thing you would always like to read is another sales pitch for a service or product you do not require. All that you need are solutions to problems, resources, and educational content, which can help you become more successful in your role.

Rather than talking and writing about your own company and products, start a dialogue. Interview professionals in your industry. Be open regarding what your organization is learning. Share knowledge. Inspire dialogue.

3) Publishing before Market/ Product fit:

It is enticing to build content because you feel like you need it. Ultimately, if everyone else is creating content, why shouldn’t you? Until you have established product/market fit between your organization with your audience targeted, you risk reaching the wrong readers. Or, you may risk reaching the right readers with the wrong message.

Before investing in content marketing, it is critical you spend time in strengthening the product/market fit between your organization and whom you are aiming to reach. With this viewpoint, you will be in a stronger position to create functional, evergreen content.


Abhijit Mandavkar is a Digital Marketing Manager. He plans and coordinates marketing activities of ValueHits, a full-service Digital Marketing Agency based in Mumbai, India.

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