2 Important Cleaning Insurance Covers in Sydney for Domestic Cleaners

2 Important Cleaning Insurance Covers in Sydney for Domestic Cleaners

Being a professional cleaner is not just about having a mop and bucket in hands. It’s a lot more than that. It will require you to have a lot more tools to let you do the job properly. And obviously, that also includes getting the right insurance. Having the correct business cover means you are free to concentrate on providing your best service rather than just dusting around the edges. We can’t clean up your client’s mess but we can surely help your business avoid ending up in a mess if an accident occurs, with suitable business insurance cover for your cleaning business risks.

Who does need insurance for cleaning?

Who do need cleaning insurance in Perth, depends on the need of the cleaner or worker. For example, if you are an employee to some service providing company, it’s good to see the cover that they have in first place first to see if it’s adequate for your requirements.

If you’re an independent worker and work for yourself, there are two types of liability insurance that you should consider. Type of insurance is dependent on the type of cleaner you are. But whether you are an independent cleaner or working for any cleaner company, arranging the right cover is essential.

Public Liability Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance isn’t a legal obligation, but it can be essential. It provides compensation for damage or injury caused to your clients or the general public and results from your work, for example when you are cleaning someone’s home.

You might think accidents only happen if someone is not careful and that if you are diligent and conscientious, accidents won’t happen to you. Sadly though, life throws curve balls and the character of accidents is that you have no power over when, how or why they happen. As a cleaner, you’re entrusted with the keys to someone’s home and conscientious for polishing and buffing up all their worldly goods. So it’s significant looking for policy extensions that also cover you for:

Harm to the client’s property (bear in mind this cover typically excludes things being worked upon when the accident occurred)

Failure to secure clients’ houses

Legal defence costs if harm or injury was caused by the employees

Employer’s Liability Insurance

If you run a cleaning business, own a company and/or have staff then you’ll need employer’s liability insurance by law. You are required by law to display a copy of your Employer’s Liability Certificate of Insurance where your employees can easily access it.

No matter if it’s a student, temp, person gathering work experience or if somebody simply helps you out for free of cost; if they work for you, they are considered your workers hence you need to have employer’s liability cover in place.

So, these were the topics which should be discussed for cleaning insurance, now get the cleaning insurance quotes in Sydney and get in touch with us to know more about cleaning insurance.

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