10 Things to Know about Using Classified Ads

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Online marketing is not getting any cheaper.

If you are in doubt try running a Google Ads or Facebook Ads. In fact, the cost of running paid advertisements has continued to skyrocket every year.

That means that businesses and advertisers needs to continually find cheaper alternatives to getting their businesses out in front of their target audience.

Here comes in classifieds ads.

In this article, I will discuss what Classified ads are, and what you need to do to unleash the power of classified ads.


But first, what is classified ads website?

Classified ads website are sites where anybody can easily publish classified ads related to many different categories like buy-sell, matrimonial, services, real estate, vehicles

And tons of them exist based on local, regional and even product levels. You just need to want to find the one that is perfect for your business, country or location.


3 Great Reasons Why You Should Use Classified Ads


  • They are cheap: One of the best things about a classified ads website is that they are very cheap. In fact most of the time, classified ads are usually free to use so that means you don’t need to make any form of payment to promote your business to a whole new audience.
  • Are good for low-cost testing: Have you ever tried running an A/B test before? You will agree with me that they can be very expensive. Classified ads usually give you the option to upload different versions of your ads at very little price. On most platforms, you can upload 1-5 ads free.
  • Usually for testing new ideas: Do you have a new idea and you are not certain if it will work. Then do not invest a lot of money into it yet. Try setting up classified ads and see if people want your product or not.


How to Unleash the Power of Classified Ads


While classified ads can be powerful, it is only as effective as the ad copy you have. Therefore before you go into any classified ads portal and start posting, there are some things you need to know if you want your ads to capture the attention of your target audience

1: Select the right platform: Everything starts and ends with your choice of the platform. If you pick a wrong platform, you can be sure that you will most likely be targeting the wrong audience. Luckily there are tons of platforms that exist based on different criteria.

2: Read the guidelines: Once you have decided on a platform, remember to read the guidelines. Most classified ads website has guidelines or articles on how to use their platform to get the most effective for your business. A good example can be found at Delon

3: Pick the right Section: Now that you know the platform rule, the next thing is to pick the right section for your ads. Advertising is all about reaching the right set of people so you want to make sure that you are creating your ads in the right category.

5: Write a good sales copy: Now here comes the hardest part, writing a good sales copy. Most people when using classified ads just write one or two sentences about their ads and move on. If you really want to get the best value from your ad, you need to spend time crafting the right message. This means writing a good headline, body content and removing unnecessary content.


Classified ads can be used for understanding what your audiences respond to in terms of the 4 core pillars of product marketing. And best of all, they are usually free to use. If you are a new business or you are launching a new product, I will encourage you to get started with any classified ads of your choice. And don’t forget to test.

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