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The worth of social media in the current marketplace is beyond expression and can help a business to uplift its existing revenue to double-figure in no time. However, this fact is well embraced by every business, but unfortunately not every business can create that remarkable social media image.

To be précised, one of the biggest reasons behind this failure is selecting the wrong strategy, as no one is there to predict and assess the right move made in social media.

For every business, one of the troubling fact that comes along with social media marketing is the fact that it is based on trial and error, and there has to be a number of experiments to be conducted, to identify your sweet spot and pick one final social media marketing strategy that can define the campaigns for your brands.

Remember the number of posts on social media does not drive the number of engagements created. Posting on social media and seeking engagement are two different poles apart, and this can only fall into the place once you have the right method to track the overall influence of your brand’s social appearance.

And this goal can be achieved seamlessly with the social media monitoring tools that bring the right analytical skills for your business and help you make the informed decision.

How social media monitoring tool can help your business?

Every brand has a different voice, and this voice has different listeners as well. A strategy that worked for Brand A, may not grow successful for Brand B, even if they both share a similar business mechanism.

Henceforth, a different and unique social media strategy has to be developed for every single brand. But how would you analyze if your selected strategy is working in your favor?

Here the social media marketing tools come into the picture and help you analyze what exactly you are doing right and where there is still scope for the improvement.

Also, for every business, these marketing tools are not just an option but the mandatory fact to be embraced since one wrong move in the social media marketing can destroy your business reputation forever and brings your audience one step closer to your competitors.

Well, there is more and endless number of advantages associated with the social media marketing tool.

But something which is nothing less than a daunting task for your business is to select the right tool for your social media marketing, as there are many options available in the market.

Therefore to help you clear the cloud of confusion, we’ve brought this post for you, so you can comprehend that which tool can work best and will sound better for your business needs.

So what are you waiting for, just stay hooked to this post and learn more about the tools that can shape your brand and help it stand tall amongst the excessive chaos of the competition in the market…let’s read this post ahead…

To start with, there are many options in the market, but below mentioned are some of the best-picked options…



It would go wrong if there will be no word mentioned here in the appreciation of Awario. Honestly, this very social media monitoring tool is on the recommendation note of every SEO.

With Awario, you get the options to analyze & track keywords, and competitor activities, to help you assess the real-time activities.

The spectrum of Awario is a little wider and takes different online sources to monitor social media activities & keywords related to your brand.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

As always, Google Analytics is the most robust tool that brings proven, accurate and consistent results over all the websites, offline channels, and app users’ data.

Google’s Analytics is a free tool that is used by a wider audience base globally and is the most recommended tool by the SEO strategists. As there is an ample number of features that help you reach wider audiences, by tracking In-Page Analytics, so you can amend the content to create a better visibility impact.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social, is the right choice for cross-channel social media analytics, wherein you can get a detailed insight into the social media performance of an individual business or can compare the results from multiple social media channels.

This tool allows you to track the social media channel from one place only, and also, you receive the organized, comprehensive & aesthetically prepared report.



Calling Buffer one of the most preferred social media tool, wouldn’t be wrong at all. Buffer allows you to schedule posts for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and without a fail.

Now you must be wondering about the cost it has?

So the good news is that Buffer is free and you can schedule 10 posts for your social media accounts.

Although while picking Buffer, you need to be a little careful, as there are 3 separate tools;

• Buffer Publish- for post scheduling
• Buffer Reply- for monitoring of social media
• Buffer Analyze- for analyzing social media

So while selecting, you must keep a check on these aspects, and pick according to your specific business demand.



Are you looking forward to an all-in-one social media management tool?

Go and check out Sendible, this very social media monitoring tool allows you track every single activity on the social media accounts associated with your business, and makes the post scheduling without any hassle.

With Sendible you can elevate your social media strategy to a larger userbase, as you get the option to get an insight about the effective keywords, trending hashtags and the right time to post.



For a specific topic sharing, web monitoring of your brand, BuzzSumo is the ideal choice.

This also allows the marketers to track the competitors’ brands and their assessment behind the popularity. If your brand is also dealing with effective content marketing, then BuzzSumo is the best choice.



For the Twitter & Instagram users, Keyhole is a proven social media monitoring tool. The reason behind it suggests that using such a smart tool, as a user, you can assess the keywords, hashtags, URLs, and every other aspect that helps in analyzing the users’ behavior.

With this tool, you can see both the real-time and historical data, and the heat map feature brings to you the activity level of your users in a specific part of the world.



Although Brand24 is a paid social media monitoring tool but offers various smart analytics to help you monitor keywords along with social media.

Also, the custom alert feature allows you to get the updates related to your competitors, so you can understand what your competitors are doing and how different engagement strategies are helping them to grow.




Are you looking forward to a free social media tool?

Then SumAll is what you are looking for! This tool lets you connect every social account, along with an email report that you would receive on a daily & weekly basis to check the progress of social media. The format of the report they are following to showcase the social media accounts’ progress will help you in saving time and make the required changes wherever required on time.



Snaplytics is the best choice for analyzing the Snapchat and Instagram stories, as this tool helps you identify and asses the different sorts of metrics, such as open and closing rates.

It goes without saying, but this lets you analyze the story engagement peaks, and also find out the drop off rates. For the brands which largely depend on Instagram & Snapchat, monitoring the social media appearance through this tool would be an added advantage.


Eventually, there is a larger number of social media monitoring tools available in the market, but not every tool can be a perfect choice for your specific business requirements.

Henceforth, to make things grow easier for you, ensure that you refer to this post and help your social media campaign to grow successful and further you must Hire WordPress developer from a renowned marketing agency to help you get an influential online presence.

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