10 Most Embarrassing Places To Be Kissed

10 Most Embarrassing Places To Be Kissed

Kisses can be wonderful, but they are a rather intimate display of affection. This means, receiving a kiss in some places, and under certain circumstances, can be a bit embarrassing. These are the ten most embarrassing places to be kissed.

  1. Work –You work with your coworkers everyday. You probably try to keep up a very professional facade. Somehow, getting kissed in front of your coworkers, or worse yet, your boss, is just a bit embarrassing. It takes a little bit of the starch out of your ‘all business’ attitude.
  2. Parents –Even though you are an adult, there can still be something unnerving about being kissed in front of your parents. Besides, if they do have an issue with it, they’re not likely to keep it to themselves, are they?
  3. Siblings –If anyone is going to give you a hard time about a kiss, it will be your siblings. Teasing is just a normal part of what having brothers and sister is all about. Why give them fodder to work with?
  4. Family gatherings –Whether it’s a family reunion, a family wedding or a holiday gathering, there are always a few relatives in the bunch who love to make a big deal out of nothing and try to bring on some embarrassment. It’s usually an aunt or an uncle who are exceptionally vocal, as well.
  5. The Ex –There really shouldn’t be anything embarrassing about being kissed in front of the Ex, but often times it does feel quite uncomfortable. It’s probably because you are wondering what they’re thinking and whether a rude remark will follow.
  6. Airport –The airport crowd has nothing else to occupy them besides people watching, while they wait for their flight. The airport is definitely one of the most public places you could receive a kiss. They’re all strangers. So, what do you care what they think?
  7. Wedding reception –Yes, I’m talking about the bride and groom kissing at the wedding reception. It is expected and even called for by the crowd, but that’s exactly why it is embarrassing. Everyone’s eyes are on you. Plus, they never let you get away with a sweet little kiss. They always want a long passionate one.
  8. Dance floor –A nice little kiss on the dance floor; no big deal. But, please, don’t start trying to make out in the middle of the crowd. That’s embarrassing for everyone around you.
  9. Former in-laws –This is even worse than the Ex. It is usually uncomfortable around them anyway, but kissing in front of them seems a bit ‘in your face’. What do you say to them after that?
  10. Friends –Good friends can be just like siblings, dependable for a good ribbing. Kissing in front of them is just asking to be the brunt of jokes for the rest of the evening.

We didn’t list the wedding kiss. Standing at the front of a large group of people, who are snapping pictures, no less, why would THAT be embarrassing? It is expected, but I’m sure their are many individuals that would opt out of this traditional ritual if they could. Being kissed in front of other people just puts you in a more vulnerable position. You could just tell them all to close their eyes.

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