10 creative garden pots ideas for your garden

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You are currently viewing 10 creative garden pots ideas for your garden

Don’t know what to do with an old desk, dresser, or chair? For a one-of-a-kind porch decoration, mix in some soil and your favourite flowers. Do you want your room to have a more rustic feel to it? You can now buy garden pots online, as they are available in different styles, materials, sizes, and colours.

There are also ideas on this page for simple family projects that you can do with your kids. Create fun garden pots from old rain boots, toy cars, or laundry baskets. If you have a small space, consider using one of the hanging garden pots.

1. Potty-Training Chair

Plants may be housed in anything that has a position for soil. In the toddler chair, the waste bowl doubles as a garden pot. Individuality is enhanced by butterflies and stencilled sentences.

2. Plastic Planters Made from Recycled Containers

Transform any plastic containers into a long-lasting garden pot. There is a lot of space for personalization here. For a bohemian look, use macramé hangers, or go for a coastal look with seashells. Use your creativity when it comes to your plastic waste. You can recycle old plastic or glass bottles and containers and use them for making garden pots. They are an eco-friendly option, and they give you the best value for money.

3. old or broken wheelbarrow

A broken wheelbarrow is revitalized with new paint and stencils. A black permanent marker may be used to highlight a stencilled pattern. You can carry gardening equipment in it, and can also store soil and manure in it.

4. Flowers, herbs, or strawberries in the gutter

These garden pots are ideal for small spaces or people that find it difficult to bend over. Though simple gutters are uninspiring, you can paint them to make them look more appealing.

5. On an Armchair, Lush Greenery

The old armchair is used to give it an otherworldly look. The chair is painted in crisp bright colour, with highlights to highlight the vivid green of the sedum.

6. Garden pots made from an old Mailbox

When they overflow from the opening of the vintage-style mailbox, your succulent collection will discover a new world. To add some greenery to your scene, hang it on your porch or back fencing. It’s an intriguing design for a special garden pot.

7. Flower Box with Pansy Painted Tool Trough

This flower box adds some colour to spring well before the first pansy blooms! This tool caddy’s shape makes a fun container for storing frost-resistant petals at the start of the season. To welcome all of your visitors, place it on a small table outside.

8. Flower garden pot in a Watering Can

If you have a watering can, you can use this one in your backyard garden as a cute garden pot planter. The tiny rainbow complements this garden delight, which enjoys both rain and sunshine. The watering can look more colourful when you draw some oil or acrylic designs with paint on it, and it can be matched with a Boho chic look planter.

9. Chair for the Dining Room

A flower basket may be used to replace the seat of an old chair and paint the chair in a bright colour.

10. Planters made from a colander are adorable and simple to make.

Garden pots can be made out of colanders. The holes provide ventilation and drainage for your plants, as well as being funky and unexpected. Small colanders can be placed on a counter or on a table. They look great indoors with succulents or jade plants, and they look great outdoors with fresh annuals.


These are just some of the many ideas to make the best garden pots from basically anything that you can get your hands on all you have to do is put on your creative hat and get to work to create the most unusual but beautiful garden pots.

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