Rent a Car Bogota

When traveling by air to Bogota, the first aspect that you should remember is that you are going to need a rental car. Especially if…

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Servicenow Training Online

itCanvass vision is to make every individuals & Organizations get their work done on ServiceNow platform Faster and Easier. Whether it is in ITSM, ITOM, Non-IT Services, Asset & Configuration, Planning & Policy. Our team provide Trainings, Consulting, Job Support, Remote Projects, Resources Which help you to complete your undone or complicated works related to ServiceNow Platform.

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How to Secure Your Company’s Assets

In today’s society, loss prevention has become increasingly more important. Sadly, not only do you have to worry about employees doing things they shouldn’t, but you also have to be concerned about outsiders who can take advantage of criminal opportunities.

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China Boiler Industry Market Trends, Growth, Forecast Analysis Report 2019-2023

Boilers play an important role in China’s economy and Chinese people’s lives. The boiler is one of the major equipment of thermal power generation. By the end of 2018, the installed thermal power capacity in China was about 1.14 billion kilowatts, accounting for 60% of the total installed capacity of electricity in China. And it is still rising.

sarah devis
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