‘Life is a Race But Not Everyone Has The Same Starting Point’ Believes the Motivational Speaker Sriram Athri

The basic goal of an India top motivational speaker is to spark the fire among the people that they themselves are not able to light. This fire is the passion that makes a person want to do things, makes him want to achieve, makes him to win and makes him move ahead in life no matter what the situation is. Many a times in life people get so stuck up in their daily mundane that they forget to achieve their goal in life. Other times people believe that they lack what it takes to be successful. Of course not everyone can become Ambani, TATA or Birla but everyone can move forward from the place they are standing.

True success is not in reaching the top floor. It is actually climbing one step at a time and reaching to a place that makes us happy. The important thing is that you are one step ahead from where you were yesterday.

As Sriram Athri says ‘life is a race. But the problem is not everyone has the same starting point. Some may be ahead of you, some may be behind. Some may have a better speed while some may lack running skills completely. But the race never stops. You have to run, not to win from anyone but to be ahead than where you were yesterday.’

Sriram Athri has 30 years of experience as the top inspirational speaker and a life coach in the international corporate world. Speaking from his heart and explaining through his fun and humorous techniques, Sriram Athri is one of the most respected and well renowned Motivational speaker of India who acquires positive frame of mind, healthy attitude and ability to lead form the front.

Sriram Athri has a hands-on understanding of the nuances of the corporate world. His Seminars, Training & Workshops are based on his Guru Swami Sukhabodhananda years of research on core spiritual factors leading to the corporate excellence with Inner tranquility.

Sriram Athri blends his own personal experience with his education and understanding of the world and projects it before audience in a way that is both fun and motivating.  There are many motivational speakers around but not everyone has the ability to connect to the audience and light the spark in the correct way like Sriram Athri do.

Athri ji speaks on variety of topics like personal development, youth progress, spiritual talks but his main and foremost specialty is in corporate genre. He is at his best when he is giving motivational speeches on corporate ethics, work management, work planning and lot more. Being a First generation entrepreneur his speeches are well versed and tested. He takes seminars, workshops, speaks in schools, collages, speaks in special functions and travels across India as well as International to motivate people.

Below is a glimpse of an epilogue that Mr Athri gave in his workshop ‘Healthy Minds’

“‘You know Vijay Mallya is very rich, Guru Dutt, Elvish Presley all of them come in the definition of what you call as successful people.  But do you know, all these people have got entangled into default, into debauchery, into depression and into drugs at the very young age of 30-35? And if you say this is what success is than I’ll like you to rethink over your definition”.

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